Private Coaching Session

Private coaching sessions

I got you.  I’ve been there. I’ve sat in the challenge of feeling stuck and so weighted down with the burden of: shame, anger, frustration, victimized, hopelessness, isolated and most of all; hating myself for all the things I just couldn’t do to “get through this.”

I found healing in a variety of modalities that, in all honesty, I approached with an attitude of “I will prove this doesn’t work.”  The modalities I’ve utilized are talk therapy, yoga, meditation, journaling and humor.  Yes, humor is an extremely important part of any healing journey. That said, I’ve taken bits and pieces from each of these healing modalities and incorporated them in to my own healing journey.

I am honored to share what I’ve learned in the yoga/mindfulness groups I guide in jails, inner-city schools, drug/alcohol rehab facilities. In targeted programs, I’ve worked with parolees as part of a re-entry program, gang members and gang affiliated people, at-risk youth, participants in drug/alcohol rehab programs, sexual assault survivors, law enforcement and probation officers.

I offer programs that are based in mindfulness.  I work as an addition to traditional therapy.  And I would be honored to support you in your healing journey.

One more thing… I’ve been blessed in my career in that I have never worked with a “broken” person.  This alleviates any arrogant notion that I might have what anyone needs in order to be fixed.  I’m here to support you.

First hour consultation is free of charge.  Subsequent sessions are conducted via Zoom.  Personal investment is $50 per hour.




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