Hi Everyone!! The nerd in me is extremely excited to share this post with you.

This story begins in 2007 in a cancer center in Overlook New Jersey, it ends in 2019 Tengboche, a small town about 5 miles from Mt. Everest!

While I was chemotherapy treatment, I was more depressed than I realized.  I felt like this was the end of any happiness I would ever experience.  I couldn’t get past the depth of the feelings of loss.  For the loss of my health, my hair, my breasts, I felt like I was falling apart. What complicated this even more was the fact that I was so early in my own healing, I had no desire to  reach out for support.  At least until my husband bought me an iPod.

I have always found inspiration in people sharing stories about taking on tremendous, seemingly insurmountable journey’s.  While searching for a podcast to watch during treatment, I stumbled upon The Rest Of Everest . I quickly discovered this podcast “checked all the boxes.”

This podcast was created by filmmaker, Jon Miller.  In this podcast, Jon chronicles young mountaineer Ben Clarks journey to be the youngest person to summit Everest.

Similar to Anthony Bourdain’s show, No Reservations; this podcast wasn’t just about climbing the mountain.  Rather, it gave this viewer a glimpse into the culture and people who call the Everest region and the Himalayas home.

I watched this podcast during and the days following every chemo treatment.  This podcast was my distraction from cancer. During cancer treatment my world had become so small. The Rest Of Everest podcast reminded me that the world was out there waiting for me to heal and return.

A few years after my successful completion of cancer treatment, Jon and I became Facebook friends.  I summoned up the courage to send him a message to thank him for the podcast and let him know that watching his podcast helped me get through cancer treatment.  We remained Facebook friends, liking each other posts and following each other’s lives.  When my memoir, A Girl Raised By Wolves came out, I sent a copy to Jon.  We communicated a few times after that, then, last night I received the coolest message I’ve ever received.

Jon has returned to Mt. Everest with MY BOOK!!  He carried my book all the way to Everest just to send me a photo of my book in the very places that inspired me to keep going during treatment.  Fan Girl is a gross understatement for the way this makes me feel.

I just wanted to share this with all of you because this is yet another example of the joy in sharing your story.  You never know who you are supporting. You never know how many people you will inspire to keep going.

Thank you Jon.  Thank you for everything.  And if you ever see Ben, give him a hug from me.



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