November 3

Let It Go Workshop, Bodhi Breathe Studio

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Let It Go Workshop, Bodhi Breathe Studio

November 3


2:30 pm

5:30 pm

I love presenting my Let It Go Workshop.  In this workshop I share the tools and techniques I cultivated from yoga, journaling and conversation that had a significant impact on my own healing journey.

My healing journey began only when I (gulp) surrendered. What I surrendered to might not be what you think.  I surrendered to my inner dialogue.  I began to notice the stories I told myself and realized these stories I created were what was holding me back from my own healing. I had to surrender to the idea that I might, in fact, have a few ideas about my past and my present quite twisted up.  

Yoga helped me to reconnect my brain to my body.  This helped me to get present to my surroundings. Journal writing helped me to write out my thoughts and feelings. Writing helped me to create space in between my thoughts.  Reading what I wrote helped me to dismantle the conversations I created vs my actual reality. Conversation helped me to share my story and believe it or not, find humor in it.  And as we all know, being able to see humor in a challenging experience is healing in and of itself. So if yo have something you are grappling with and you feel as though you might be ready to consider whether or not you want to let it go, join us for this event at Bodhi Breathe Studio in Somerville, NJ. Wear yoga clothes (this yoga practice is open to all levels of experience), bring a journal and a pen. We will do the rest together.

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November 3, 2019
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
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