Lockey Maisonneuve

Lockey Maisonneuve is a published author that has gone through tremendous obstacles in her life. This journey has been long and traumatic but she has found her inner strength helping people who have gone through similar occurrences. Her book a girl raised by wolves tells her story and is a must read with top amazon reviews. Get your copy today or join her on an event.

About Me

Who is Lockey Maisonneuve?

After years of hearing “you have to let it go”, “forgive”, and “move on”, author, speaker, and advocate Lockey Maisonneuve recognized that it just wasn’t in her DNA to just release the pain of her past. A childhood scarred by sex trafficking, abuse, alcoholism, and abandonment couldn’t be erased with sunnier thoughts; if anything, the push toward making peace left her feeling angrier than ever.
For Lockey, healing a lifetime of trauma came through a prescription of vulnerability, recognition, validation, and ownership. After years of talk therapy, hypno-therapy, yoga, tapping, journaling, guided meditation, and energy work, Lockey finally opened up an inner dialogue and began to dismantle the disquieting conversations inside her head and heart. Lockey knows from first-hand experience that healing trauma is not a one-and-done event. In her classes and workshops, Maisonneuve incorporates her own experiences with managing flashbacks, triggers, anxiety, and rage as well as her jersey girl sarcasm and wry sense of humor to connect with her participants. Maisonneuve is a certified yoga and meditation guide. She guides yoga and meditation classes for incarcerated men, folks in drug and alcohol recovery, mental health patients and students in inner-city schools.

The most important thing Lockey wants to share is; they didn’t break her. She is not only surviving, but thriving. Her goal is to help as many people as she can to start their healing so they too can thrive.


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