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I’m Lockey, author of A Girl Raised By Wolves, trauma informed yoga guide & speaker. I teach folks to heal their past and create a powerful new present. I’m here to support you in beginning or travelling along your healing journey…


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Are The Sexual Assault Survivors Coming Forward Helping or Hurting The Situation?

Warning: This is not a political conversation. Look, I don’t know whether Tara Reade is telling the truth. As I scroll through all of the comments on my Twitter feed in regards to her allegations, I find myself experiencing a mixed range of emotions and one question continues to pop up in my mind. I wonder if the women who are currently coming forward […]

Belly Breath Video

  If you are looking for a moment of calm, check out my video tutorial on diaphragmatic breathing.  This type of breathing is great for reducing anxiety and calming your thoughts.  When we have moments of anxiety or when the big feelings are coming at you in all directions, take a moment to connect to […]

One Minute Breath

  Here I sit in my little corner of my home. My husband calls this my “thinking chair.”  I call it my place to reconnect.  This little space has become the only place I feel comfortable in my discomfort of making videos.  Today’s video is called the One Minute Breath.  This video is a guided […]


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July 18

Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

I will be presenting at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit this July. The linchpin annual event for the worldwide movement to end all forms of sexual exploitation is going online this year so more abolitionists can join us from around the world. You can still learn from the top experts, and […]