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“I met this woman and heard her ‘story’ in person. Everyone’s life events are their own and a struggle for them. But I believe there is always someone who has it worse. She amazes me for all that she has been through and has done/still does today. She came back from one of the most disgusting lives she could have been thrown and does wonderful things for others. I made sure to go shake her hand and buy her book. The world isn’t about celebrities making millions and signing their name, its about people like this who live like us and among us every day. Thank you.”


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A Girl Raised By Wolves



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April 14

Yoga Guide Presentation at Kean University

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Restorative Yoga + Book Signing At Kean University Lockey will share her story and healing journey.  She will share the tools and techniques she incorporates to manage flashbacks, triggers, anxiety and rage with her Jersey-girl sarcasm and wry sense of humor.  During this presentation, participants will have the opportunity to practice gentle, restorative yoga. Lockey […]


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One Minute Breath

  Here I sit in my little corner of my home. My husband calls this my “thinking chair.”  I call it my place to reconnect.  This little space has become the only place I feel comfortable in my discomfort of making videos.  Today’s video is called the One Minute Breath.  This video is a guided […]

You Gotta Go Through Nothing To Get To Something.

At the end of guiding a body scan meditation, I asked the participants (a group of 10 male parolees) to notice what they feel in their body. Without hesitation, one man (I’ll call him Carl), remarked: “I feel nothing.” This was the opening I was looking for to create a conversation about the mind/body connection. […]

Guided Meditation for Trauma Survivors

I share the guided meditation I share with the trauma survivors I work with in jails, mental health areas of hospitals and drug/alcohol recovery centers. This meditation is for us folks who don’t think we can be “still” long enough to meditate.  I promise, you can do this meditation. I will be posting more videos […]

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