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I’m Lockey, author of A Girl Raised By Wolves, trauma informed yoga guide & speaker. I teach folks to heal their past and create a powerful new present. I’m here to support you in beginning or travelling along your healing journey…


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A Twitter Conversation Gone Right (for once)…

Let’s talk about rape. Just kidding, no one wants to talk about rape.  But, if that statement made you feel uncomfortable, keep reading because this isn’t going where you might think.  In fact, while a rape allegation is the inspiration, it is not the focus of this discussion. Actually, the focus is on causing a […]

A Survivor’s Healing Journey

The linchpin annual event for the worldwide movement to end all forms of sexual exploitation is going online this year and I’ll be presenting! Every year it is a source that springs forth new partnerships, projects, and victories. Join me at the FREE 2020 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit by registering today. […]

25 Years In Jail And I Still Got All This Anger

“I just got out of a 25 year sentence for killing the man who raped my sister. I got all this anger inside me, I don’t want to hurt people no more, but I can’t stop it.” A statement like that tends to get my attention.  Bob (name changed) made this declaration at the very […]


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